Samuelzone – Morning Dew (Original Mix)

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Kenny Ras – Done This

Third Eye Records and Inna Mi Yard Productions are ecstatic to announce the release of Demolition Man’s album, “The Frequency” on April 16th, 2021.

Synthwave Jam w/ Arturia MicroFreak, Keystep Pro, Minibrute, TR-8S, Minilogue XD, Rocket, Ableton

80s Synthwave mood for this jam featuring all of my hardware gear plus Ableton Live.

The Pad Chords come from the Minilogue XD, played and sequenced from the Arturia Keystep Pro as all of the synthesizers in this jam.
The same chords go to the Arturia MicroFreak (routing through Ableton Live) to tune the Vocoder. I sung the Vocoder parts live using the Apple EarPods mic.
The pulsating Bass sound is played from the Minibrute, while the Arpeggiated Pluck comes from the Waldorf Rocket synth. For both of these I used the onboard arpeggiators while playing notes on the KSP.
Once recorded all of the synth parts I used the onboard Filters to manage tension during the jam.

The Roland TR-8S plays the Drums with some of the wonderful Samples from Mars (I made a kit using a mix of Linndrum, Drumulator, DMX and 808 samples). I used some pre-recorded patterns, launched two different Tom Fill types and played an impact sound here and there.

Ableton Live was used as the main brain, to route midi and audio, to apply effects, to record audio from all of my gear and to master this performance.

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Lee & Dann – Just Funky

Lee & Dann’s first ever release is an absolute banger! The aptly named house anthem Just Funky is out now via Final Haus. • Follow Groove Bassment …

Devin Wild – Broken | Q-dance Records

We all know the feeling when music hits your soul and whereby you get lost in the melody. Devin Wild will provide you one of these tracks along with an imposing videoclip. ‘Broken’ is out now on Q-dance Records. Download/stream via:

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• Devin Wild – Broken, out now:

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Melodic High Progressive House Mix 2021 Best of Intara (mixed by RTTWLR)

Melodic High Progressive House Mix 2021 Best of Intara
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Intara – Sky
Intara – Emotion
Intara – Hope
BeatQueche – The Piano Passion (Intara Remix)
Intara – Spellcaster
BeatQueche – Emptiness in My Spirit (Intara Remix)

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