We Are The Brave Radio 142 (Guest Mix from Jo Poole)

This week on WATB Radio we have UK based DJ & Producer, Jo Poole. Since being shortlisted by The Blessed Madonna for the Smirnoff Equalising Music …

1. Time Doesn’t Exist – Juliet Fox – TREGAMBE
2. Warehaus – KUSP – Planet Rhythm
3. Back Into Consciousness – Spektre – Kraftek
4. Relax – Thomas Hoffknecht – KD RAW
5. Back Room – Prydie – unreleased
6. Fantasy – DYEN – Exhale
7. Ultra Violet – KLINES – unreleased
8. Rochus – Alan Fitzpatrick – Drumcode
9. Black Sun – Reinier Zonneveld, Miro – Filth on Acid
10. A New World – Ignacio Arfeli – We Are The Brave
11. Twilight of the Idols – Mattia Saviolo – Kraftek
12. Silenus – Jo Poole – unreleased
13. Sequence Four – Harvey McKay – Kneaded Pains

How to Hack Push 2 for Exciting Performances

In this video we’ll se how to use ClyphX Pro, the Push Hacker Max Device and some Innovative Performance Techniques I developed, to Hack Push 2 and achieve better performances.

More about ClyphX Pro here: https://isotonikstudios.com/product/clyphx-pro/
More about Push Hacker here: https://www.soundmanufacture.net/pushhacker/

I shared the Ableton Live Template Project used in this jam so you can check out all configurations and start jamming on your own.
Here it is on Bandcamp: https://belibat.bandcamp.com/album/push-hack-tutorial-ableton-live-template-project
Just set the price to zero and download, you’ll find a zipped folder containing the Project inside the Album.
For this project I used drum samples from the Chop&Swing pack and Simpler sounds from the Beat Tools and Singularities packs, so you should be able to open and use it with a Live 10 license, as long as you have the packs installed. Otherwise you can swap the samples with some of your choice.

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Jack Rush, Ezra Blissard – Dark Side

Find more bangers like this in our Spotify playlist: http://bit.ly/techhouseplaylist Download/Stream: https://fanlink.to/dark-side Make sure you hit the subscribe …

Martin Garrix Radio – Episode 331

Martin Garrix Radio – Episode 331 ♫ Alive with Citadelle is out now: Part two of the STMPD RCRDS special which we kick off 2021 …

Flashback – Forget 2020 LIVE

Subscribe to Bass Events: https://www.youtube.com/bassevents Time to end this year with a bang! You are watching Flashback – Forget 2020 powered by Mark …

Coccolino Deep – The Place Beyond the Pines

If you ride like lightning, you’re gonna crash like thunder.

Mix inspired to : The Place Beyond the Pines (2012)
Reference :

Intro The Place Beyond the Pines
01. Michele Di Martino – Oblio (Original Mix) – TAU
02. KAS:ST feat. Hansom Eli – Our Last Dance (Original Mix) – Afterlife Records
03. Evelynka, JeanVayat, Artaria – Sun Is Setting (Original Mix) – Dear Deer
04. Agent Of Time – Midnight Drive (Original Mix) – Afterlife Records
05. Arco – Free Flow (Original Mix) – RADIANT.
06. Hot Since, Temple – Nightfall (Original Mix) – Knee Deep In Sound
07. Sasha, Franky Wah – Haunted (Original Mix) – Last Night On Earth
08. CRi – Runaway (Original Mix) – Anjunadeep
09. Marsh, Mimi Page – Foss (Original Mix) – Anjunadeep
10. Oliver Schories, Jan Blomqvist – Packard (Gorge Extended Remix) – Pracht
11. Angus Powell, Westseven – Go Right Through (Original Mix) – Soul De Anima
12. Damon Jee, Darlyn Vlys – Antiheroe (Rebolledo’s Cuco Heroe For Ever Version) – Correspondant
13. Aldebaran, Filippo Nardini – Across The Sun (Original Mix) – Innervisions