Dylhen – Free

Download/Stream: Dylhen’s final single of 2020 is this beast on UV. Another banger to top off a brilliant year of music for this UK artist.

Synthwave Live Performance w/ Roland TR-8s – DAWless Jam

80s Synthwave performed Live on a Roland TR-8s.
Video is a continuous take from two cameras, audio is recorded straight from the Roland TR-8s main output, into Ableton Live.
No editing, just a light mastering touch to enhance the overall sound.

There’s not a lot to say about the setup here. I just used the Roland TR-8s, with its stock sounds and performance features.
It’s a 707 base kit, with the addition of a few oscillator samples, tweaked using the onboard controls, to make them sound as pad, bass, arpeggiators and leads.
I pre programmed everything in this case cause it’s very hard to program melodic elements on the fly.

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Shitake – No Problem

Amsterdam Vol. 4 Compiled By Lexlay Get it at high quality: Discover this special selection of 30 …

Highjacks – Grid Control (Original Mix)

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[BALKAN0658] ”Highjacks – Grid Control”


01) Highjacks – Grid Control (Original Mix)
02) Highjacks – Grid Control (Dhany G ‘Spacecraft’ Remix)
03) Highjacks – Grid Control (Fabri Lopez & Andres Moris Remix)

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Blademasterz – Masterblade (Official Audio)

This is the official Hardstyle video of ‘Masterblade’ by Blademasterz, released on Scantraxx.
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LOW151 Alexic Rod – Feel Good (Original Mix) [LOWGROOVE]

Low Groove Records by presents new release produced by Alexic Rod. He delivered us 3 original tracks.
↪Get it on Beatport: https://bit.ly/3oZUvCk
➡Release Date: 2020-07-10
➡Length: 7:47
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➡MIXCLOUD: https://www.mixcloud.com/LowGroove/

HDN – Take Me Home

HDN – Take Me Home ↪︎ Listen to Nik Cooper on Spotify: ○ Follow Nik Cooper: …