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Mt Axel & Fvk – Karnak (Original Mix)

Mt Axel was guest artist of Get Closer to Day of the Dead on the 2nd of Nowember with NU, Oceanvs Orientalis, Headwaters and Cuneyt Ozturk.

He played an amazing set and you can watch ‘Karnak’ which was played at the historical Binbirdirek Cistern in Istanbul .

You can watch full set:

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Video Credits
Event: Get Closer to Day of the Dead
Line-up: Mt Axel, Cuneyt Ozturk, Oceanvs Orientalis, NU, Headwaters
Artist: Mt Axel
Track: Mt Axel & Fvk – Karnak (Original Mix)
Venue: Binbirdirek Cistern
Date: November 02, 2019
Video Director: Yusuf Akyüz
Produced by Generic Music