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    RANDOM 5

    Techno Live Performance w/ Arturia Keystep Pro on an Hybrid (hardware/software) Setup

    Turns out the Keystep Pro is the perfect controller/sequencer for hardware/software synths and drums.

    In this jam I sent two of the four sequencer tracks to the Waldorf Rocket Synth.
    I sequenced a chord in a track and an arpeggio in the other one, using the Keystep Pro onboard Arpeggiator.
    Then I used another track to sequence a Bass Synth, playing from a vst plugin inside Ableton Live.
    Finally I used the Drum Track to sequence a 909 Ableton Drum Rack.

    I used various recording/sequencing techniques: sometimes playing/recording live, sometimes using the onboard step sequencer.
    In some cases I sequenced the Drum parts in mute and then I just unmuted to drop them in.
    Or I used the main Drum track mute button to let the drums disappear and reappear during the jam.
    I also used the transpose feature to change the synth chord notes, for more variations.
    One of the Keystep Pro knobs was mapped via midi cc to a Washout effect on the Ableton Live master track and I used it for transitions and for the ending.
    The Waldorf Rocket Filter Cutoff was used to manage tension and to create buildups during the track.

    The kind guys at Arturia sent over the beautiful Keystep Pro so you’ll see it in use in more of my videos.
    Here you can find more info about the Keystep Pro:

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    UAD-2 Plugin of the Month: KORG SDD-3000 Digital Delay

    The Korg SDD-3000 is a super versatile and unique digital delay effect processor. Besides being great on guitar, it’s amazing when used as an overdrive / modulation effect on synthesizers.

    It’s also Unison enabled so if you own an Apollo…

    First Look: Korg Modwave Wavetable Synthesizer

    Korg’s new modwave synthesizer takes wavetable synthesis to strange new places. In this video we explore the process of building new sounds using the huge range of onboard wavetables and samples, then add movement via the quirky Kaoss physics…

    “A song for my favorite feedback” MC-101 x Microfreak (Karaoke version)

    We’ve all had this kind of feedback once !
    Its time now to pay tribute to them ! 💪🙏

    … Here we go !! Sing with me !! 🎼🎤🕺

    In the life of an artist, you often have to send your tracks to other artists … so that they give their feedbacks … or not !
    … and sometimes, we are tired of seeing that other artists no longer pay attention to what we send them, but prefer to delegate this task! 🙂

    an interesting article about this “phenomen”

    Just Sounds: Native Instruments Maschine+ Jam#1

    Here’s our feature jam on the new Native Instruments Maschine+ 
    This standalone production system is so much fun..

    Noisegate will have more detailed workflows on the Maschine+ very soon!

    More info here:…