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    MPC Live vs MPC 60ii // Can you hear the difference??

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    I’ve always wondered how the MPC Live VS MPC60 would go when it comes to getting that lofi crunchy sound. I sampled directly into the MPC and created the same pattern on both machines. I set the MPC Swing to 60%. Then took a chord from Splice and pitched it up one octave to stretch the sample back down on the MPC to get some Aliasing samples. The first part is a blind listening test then the rest is a direct comparison. How did you do? Could you tell the difference?

    UDO SUPER 6 // Full Review and Tutorial

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    Unboxing the New Tascam US 4×4 HR, Your Next Interface?

    Tom got hold of the new Tascam US 4×4 HR this week, it looks like a pretty fantastic intermediate USB audio interface for the money.
    – 4 analog ins and outs
    – USB class compliant (iOS compatible)
    – USB bus-powered
    – new Ultra-HDDA preamps

    Christopher Kah – Session XLI – Roland TR-6S #2

    What is better than one video with TR-6S? two ! 🙂

    Straight to the point ! this is what I like in a machine ! part. II
    « Do the Max. with the Min.» #LIMITEDRESOURCE

    ➤ Roland TR-6S :