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    Track From Scratch on Pocket Operators // Still blows me away how much you can do..

    Mobile Producer Backpack –
    Starting from Nothing, i try to make a track with the PO-32 & PO-33. It’s still crazy to me to see how far these tiny devices can go..

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    SUPER Effective Sample Chopping on Anything // MPC Live ii Speed Chopping and Idea Creating

    Thanks again TrackLib, use this link to try it out! –
    This is a quick and easy way for me to hear if a sample will work in a song or not. Not only that, using Regions to chop samples, especially those with drums and other elements, make for amazing foundations when making music! I’ve done this a ton on my past EPs ( but i still do it a bunch today with breaks,…

    Interview Christopher Kah & Des Sons Animés [Spatialized Sound, 3D AUDIO]

    Interview with Christopher Kah, Mathieu Rossier and Arnault Damien during Christopher’s creative residency at Studio Des Sons Animés.


    ➤ https://www.facebook/dessonsanimes


    Animoog Z | Suzanne Ciani | Currents

    Electronic music pioneer and modular synthesis icon Suzanne Ciani invites you inside her seaside home studio for a dynamic improvised composition that demonstrates the unique sonic character of Animoog Z integrated with her Buchla modular system.

    In the hands of one of Animoog’s earliest adopters, “Currents” presents a captivating representation of the evolved app’s striking new visual and auditory features, incorporating imported and enhanced presets from the original Animoog. An “unexpectedly powerfully expressive tool” for live performance, according to Ciani, Animoog has been a staple of the five-time Grammy award-nominated composer’s musical repertoire for years.

    Download Animoog Z for free:

    More about Suzanne Ciani: