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    3 Mixing Tips for Workflow in the Studio // Mixing and Mastering a Track quickly

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    Pt 3 of the series where i take a simple loop i made with a cheap setup ( ) and try to turn it into a full song! Today we’ll be mixing with the bare basics that Ableton Live has to offer. I like to keep this approach…

    Thoughts on the MPC Live II // Better than I thought! and Listening To Some Music I’ve Made With It.

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    The MPC Live II got Buggy on me TWICE! But i’ll let it slide because i’ve been starting to really like this thing a lot. As far as a Stand Alone Dawless Groovebox is concerned.. this thing takes the cake! Except, at a major price, some random hiccups, and some confusion. but looking past that you’re solid. Also, Akai did NOT SPONSOR this video.

    Waajeed Music -…

    Solving Latency In Ableton // There’s only 2 Solutions.

    I spent way too much time on this. But here’s the skinny. Freeze and Flatten your tracks while using the Ext. Instrument Plug-in by Ableton. That’s the easiest but my most unliked option. Instead i prefer to have a seperate Midi and Audio track, then calculate the delay like i did in the video and you should be Golden! Hope this helps and didn’t create even further questions instead haha. Oh! and set your Driver Error Compensation appropriately otherwise you’re screwing into termite…

    Teaser LAVIATHA by Christopher Kah

    To no surprise, French live performer and all round studio maestro, Christopher Kah will further his extensive catalogue of innovative sounds with his fresh and original CKL concept launching on the 5th of March. The CKL series will span across several months taking us on a quest through Spring and launching us into summer. The idea behind the series is that Christopher will release one track every two weeks from the beginning of March, currently with an open end. As the releases begin to unravel you can expect discerning techno of the highest order, emotive and deep house, and several strains of melodic tones.

    March 5th. 2021

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