“A song for my favorite feedback” MC-101 x Microfreak (Karaoke version)

We’ve all had this kind of feedback once !
Its time now to pay tribute to them ! 💪🙏

… Here we go !! Sing with me !! 🎼🎤🕺

In the life of an artist, you often have to send your tracks to other artists … so that they give their feedbacks … or not !
… and sometimes, we are tired of seeing that other artists no longer pay attention to what we send them, but prefer to delegate this task! 🙂

an interesting article about this “phenomen” https://www.attackmagazine.com/features/columns/how-come-downloading-for-is-even-still-a-thing/


Empress Echosystem Welcome – What your gear does when you are not at home

A short movie by Belibat
Every sound in this video has been processed through the Echosystem Delay pedal.

I wanted to give a special welcome to my new Echosystem from Empress Effects, so I thought about creating a video where it meets with other gear in my studio, using the stop motion technique to animate objects.

I really love the Echosystem!
It features two engines, each engine can load one of the 40+ algorithms, and they can be combined in multiple ways.

Digital, Analog, Tape, Multi Tap, basically every kind of Delay effect covered + a lot more modes to create subtle effects or very complex and luscious sounds.
The Echosystem can save and load presets, can sync via multiple sources (midi included) and sports dozens of clever features.
And if it’s not enough, it can work as a multitrack looper!

I’m thinking about various ways to use the Echosystem in my setup, so stay tuned for more videos featuring it.

Meanwhile, if you want to know more about this wonderful pedal, check it out on Empress Effects website: https://empresseffects.com/products/echosystem

If you need a do-it-all Delay, this is for you!

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Just Sounds: Arturia SQ-80V Cross Wave Software Synth

If you’re searching for a soft synth to add luscious House Music chords, are you sick of the same old boring bass sounds, and love a bit of Grime, Garage, 2-Step, and everything in between, meet the Arturia SQ-80V!
Check it…

More details here:…

UAD-2 Plugin of the Month: KORG SDD-3000 Digital Delay

The Korg SDD-3000 is a super versatile and unique digital delay effect processor. Besides being great on guitar, it’s amazing when used as an overdrive / modulation effect on synthesizers.

It’s also Unison enabled so if you own an Apollo…