Acid Techno on a Hacked Push 2 – Ableton Live Performance

For this jam I used ClyphX Pro and the Push Hacker Max Device by to hack my Push 2 and enhance it’s features.

First I mapped all the controls that I needed on 8 macros, using the free Map8 Max Device, and locked them to my Push screen.
Controls mapped are: the acid bassline filter envelope amount, filter resonance, filter envelope decay, pad sound volume, hats decay, hoover sound filter cutoff, snare roll volume and a washout effect dry/wet parameter.

Then I created 3 ClyphX Pro X-Clips to instantly reset all the 8 macro to default values, for the Drops. I also used these X-clips to launch some impact samples.

I used Push Hacker to map these X-Clips to the lower right pads on my Push. So I can launch them while in Note view to play with the main Drum Rack. I also mapped one Push pad to mute/unmute the Kick.

Finally I used my advanced and innovative performance techniques to progressively arrange drum patterns on the fly and switch between them, without losing control on the Main Drum Rack. You can find these techniques explained in my tutorial featured on website or here:

Plugins used are Ableton stock, Native Instruments (Monark for the bassline), SoundToys for mixing and Voxengo for mastering.

I hope you enjoy!

If you have any questions or if you want to keep in touch shoot a message on


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