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Deckard’s Dream MK2: Is it a Yamaha CS-80 replicant? // Full tutorial and review

ADDENDUM #1: There were two revisions of the MK1 Deckards – see differences below
ADDENDUM #2: See pinned comment for a discussion of the slider directions on the bottom row.

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LIVE/MIX Session 002 by Christopher Kah

Really excited by this new Rendez-Vous !
A new mix Live/Session for you,
Take a seat, and listen.

Traktor S4 MK3 x Roland MC-101

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How to Create 5 Awesome One-Knob Effect Racks in Ableton Live – Tutorial

One-Knob Racks are super useful in live situations, because they allow to activate a series of effects and modulators just turning up one single knob.

I use them a lot in my jams and, since people asked how I create them, I decided to make this tutorial where we’ll see how to create 5 awesome and performance-ready One-Knob Racks.
Here we’ll see some techniques and tricks which you can learn and use to create your own One-Knob Racks.

We’ll start with a very simple Wash-Out Effect, where I’ll show how to map multiple elements to the same knob, using the Map settings to manage the modulation amounts for each mapped parameter.

We’ll go on integrating LFOs to create random modulations which will vary everytime we activate our One Knob Racks. And we’ll do it to create a Crazy Delay effect.

Then we’ll go further creating a “Dry/Wet Ready” Rack, to gradually blend in effects which don’t have a dry/wet knob by themselves. We’ll use it to create an Instant Drum Fills Rack.

I’ll modify and enhance this last Rack to create a Glitchy Fills One-Knob Rack.

Finally we’ll see how to use EQ Eight plus a lot of LFOs to create a Crazy EQ Rack.

I hope you’ll enjoy this tutorial!

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The looper i’ve been looking for!.. Almost // Aeros Loop Studio workflow

I’ve been looking for a looper for a long time. I know there are tons of options out there, but this one really caught my eye. Being able to endlessly overdub across six tracks, and then take those sample files and import them into a DAW easily and hassle free has won me over. That isn’t to say that the Aeros Loop Studio is perfect though. As you’ll find out, it does have its shortcomings…

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