DON’T buy the ERM Multiclock, I thought I found an alternative… // Ableton Live Latency Tips

I struggle with recomending the ERM Multi Clock to most people because its super overkill for most hybrid studio setups. I wanted to find a cheaper option, and i came across the Hosa USM-422, I really wanted this USB to Midi adapter to work, but you’ll end up seeing what trouble i ended up having..

THIS USB to midi adapter works –
USM-422 –
MultiClock –
Model:Cycles –


The Batman (2022) Trailer – Music by Christopher Kah

Time to Batman !

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EDM/Slap House Performance w/ Arturia KeyStep Pro, Roland TR-8S, Ableton Live

Jamming a Slap House track from scratch using the Arturia KeyStep Pro, the Roland TR-8S and Ableton Live.

Hey guys! For this jam I decided to pair the Arturia KeyStep Pro with the Roland TR-8S drum machine and it turns out they are a perfect duo for live performances!
I synced them using a midi cable from the Keystep Pro midi out to the TR-8S midi in.

I also wanted to test myself at creating an EDM/Slap House performance, since I heard about this genre and I particularly like the bass sound and the 90’s feel on the lead synths.

For the Bass Synth I used Serum, in Ableton Live.
The Drums were pre-programmed on the TR-8S, except for an impact sound which I played by hand when needed. I just launched variations and used the volume faders to bring in/out snare rolls to create transitions.
For the vocals I used samples from the Sony Pocket Diva pack, while for the Pad and Lead Synths I used the Ableton Analog synth.

All the synths and vocal samples are played/recorded live using the wonderful Keystep Pro. I love it! The kind guys at Arturia sent it over, so you’ll see it in use in more of my videos.

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