EP-3 Expression Pedal | Pulse Width Control

This video explores using the EP-3 expression pedal to add additional pulse width control to the oscillator section of the Matriarch.

One of the advantages offered by semi-modularity is the ability to add further controls to your instrument via CV inputs and offset voltages. You may have noticed that Matriarch’s oscillators lack a dedicated pulse-width knob, but do feature a pulse-width voltage input; this creates an opportunity to add a pulse-width knob via creative patching. Using a combination of Matriarch’s expression pedal input, mults, and a reversible attenuator, we can control the pulse-width of all four oscillators simultaneously using EP-3. Another approach could be to use the expression pedal input and each of the three reversible attenuators separately to gain independent manual control over each oscillator’s pulse-width. The beauty of semi-modularity is the ability to cater your instrument’s functionality to meet the needs of your performance or recording.

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Forget Interrupt! Arp Is The Preset I’ve Been Using // This thing on Drums is too fun.

I originally focused on the beat repeat broken glitch effect known as INTERRUPT and BLOCKS. After rinsing that preset out i started going crazy on ARP. Originally i was a little turned off by the name because i don’t really care for arpeggiated sequences, but this is a completely different flavor. especially when you start sending drum into the tempo-synced presets! Shout out to Hologram for sponsoring this video and just letting me to show you how i’ve been using the Microcosm lately, haha!…

LIVE/MIX Session 001 by Christopher Kah

A new rendez vous in my spaceship,
Take a seat, and listen.

Mixcloud : https://www.mixcloud/christopherkah/christopher-kah-live-20210219-2001/

Traktor S5 x Roland MC-707

Visual by IncrediVFX ( https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4u_N4P_ZCyASxXX3o-QGWg)

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