First Look: Korg Modwave Wavetable Synthesizer

Korg’s new modwave synthesizer takes wavetable synthesis to strange new places. In this video we explore the process of building new sounds using the huge range of onboard wavetables and samples, then add movement via the quirky Kaoss physics…


Christopher Kah – Session XLIII – Roland MC-707

A proper & better version of my latest streaming “Intuitive Session” ! 🙂
It was really good for me to compose in front of your eyes, thanks again !

« Do the Max. with the Min.» #LIMITEDRESOURCE

➤ Roland MC-707 :


Teaser EGO by Christopher Kah

To no surprise, French live performer and all round studio maestro, Christopher Kah will further his extensive catalogue of innovative sounds with his fresh and original CKL concept launching on the 5th of March. The CKL series will span across several months taking us on a quest through Spring and launching us into summer. The idea behind the series is that Christopher will release one track every two weeks from the beginning of March, currently with an open end. As the releases begin to unravel you can expect discerning techno of the highest order, emotive and deep house, and several strains of melodic tones.

March 5th. 2021

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EP-3 Expression Pedal | Delay Time Trick

This video explores using the EP-3 expression pedal to create interesting modulation of Matriarch’s analog delay.

Delay is the foundation for many types of processing in recording. It can be used to achieve chorusing, flanging, doubling, looping, as well as traditional delay effects. Matriarch’s stereo analog delay is unique in its semi-modular nature, allowing for CV control over every parameter. Using Matriarch’s expression pedal input, mults, and reversible attenuators, we can achieve unique modulations by utilizing EP-3 to control several delay parameters simultaneously, allowing for lush stereo spatial effects. This approach can add depth to the sound of your patches, and also enable you to change your delay settings with a foot, allowing you to focus on your keyboard playing with your hands.

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