Forget Interrupt! Arp Is The Preset I’ve Been Using // This thing on Drums is too fun.

I originally focused on the beat repeat broken glitch effect known as INTERRUPT and BLOCKS. After rinsing that preset out i started going crazy on ARP. Originally i was a little turned off by the name because i don’t really care for arpeggiated sequences, but this is a completely different flavor. especially when you start sending drum into the tempo-synced presets! Shout out to Hologram for sponsoring this video and just letting me to show you how i’ve been using the Microcosm lately, haha!…


I put my Drums through a Tap Delay.. Cooler than i Expected! // Eventide UltraTap Pedal Weirdness

While tap Delays are awesome, i wanted to see if i could push the limits of a delay pedal on a drum machine. So instead, i decided lets tempo sync the tap delay length to our drum machine and apply taps within a certain amount of time! Holy crap, especially once you start to modulate the tap delay it gets really wild.
Find out more info on the Ultratap here –

DONT buy these shirts // So I sell shirts to help support this channel. All my shirts are made with 100%…

Christopher Kah – Intuitive Session #003

Welcome to my new weekly show, where I will be in live to share my musical universe, to show you how my music composition is built,
there will be live composition, DJ / Mix, and why not interaction via chat or live?

Second session, it will be this Thursday evening, 9pm, where I will apply my LIMITED RESOURCE concept and I will play in front of you.

Welcome !