Hydrasynth Explorer vs Deluxe vs The World // The Ultimate Pros and Cons Compared to other Synths

Curious about how the hydras compare to synths like Peak, Modwave, Wavestate, Modal synths, Super 6, Iridium and others? Here’s the visual that hopes to answer all those questions.

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Push Hacker 2 – Performance Techniques Tutorial – Take your Push Performances to Next Level

Let’s see how to configure and use the Push Hacker 2 Max Device, from Soundmanufacture, to drastically enhance Push performance capabilities.

In this tutorial, we’ll see how to use Push Hacker 2 to create:
– a Mixer at Hand, to quickly mute/unmute tracks in your Ableton Live projects and arrange your tracks on the fly
– a Launchpad at Hand, to easily launch audio/midi clips from any Push View
– a Multieffect Unit at Hand, to manage effects with a finger touch, highlighting your buildups
– a Scratch effect on the Master Track, using the new Skratch device, which comes bundled with Push Hacker 2

All these techniques can be used in different ways and developed to fit your needs, so i thought it would be nice to share them trying to inspire you at creating new workflows using Push Hacker 2.
Find more infos about Push Hacker 2 and how to get it, here: https://www.soundmanufacture.net/pushhacker.html

I hope you’ll enjoy! 😉

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Moog Model 15 iOS App | Using Model 15 with Ableton Live

The Moog Model 15 App is now available for use as a VST!

This free plugin allows Model 15 users to integrate the app and all of its features into digital audio workstations like Ableton for expanded sound design potential and new opportunities for creative expression. With this update, the Model 15 App can now be used as a standalone synthesizer, as an Audio Unit v3 and v2 plugin, as a VST3 plugin, or as an effect in your existing audio chain.

In this video, Moog Product Specialist Max Ravitz demonstrates how to use the Model 15 VST wrapper inside of Ableton.

Learn more about the Model 15 VST wrapper:

Download the Model 15 app for iOS or macOS:

Download the Model 15 VST wrapper: