Intellijel METROPOLIX Review and full tutorial // The follow up to Metropolis

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USB Microphones Comparison: Rode NT-USB, Blue Yeti & AKG Lyra

USB microphones bridge the gap for those who want a good quality microphone to record/stream/vlog/zoom from home, but don’t want all the fuss that comes with using a microphone and all the necessary bits one needs to buy, such as an interface,…



Des Sons Animés, in partnership with the Usine à Lumière and CALO Production, exclusively present Christopher Kah’s first Live 360°.
The film was shot at Des Sons Animés studio for the closing of Christopher Kah’s creative residency.
During his residency, Christopher worked on the spatialization of his Live Echo and played it in public on the 32 speakers of the studio.
Listening is offered in binaural format to live the immersive experience of the concert in spatialized sound through headphones.
Des Sons Animés, en partenariat avec l’Usine à Lumière et CALO Production présentent en exclusivité le premier Live 360° de Christopher Kah.
Le film a été tourné au studio Des Sons Animés pour la clôture de la résidence de création de Christopher Kah.
Pendant sa résidence, Christopher a travaillé sur la spatialisation de son Live Echo et l’a joué en public sur les 32 speakers du studio.
L’écoute est proposée au format binaural pour vivre l’expérience immersive du concert en son spatialisé au casque.

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Zoia Jam – a DAW in a Patch | feat. MicroFreak and Soundbrenner Core Steel

I spent the last days deep diving into the wonderful Zoia, which was kindly sent over by Empress Effects. It is an extremely powerful pedal but not just a pedal, since it’s an actual modular system in a box.
I tried to push it to its limits in terms of CPU and capabilities, actually recreating a DAW in a patch, to play a dawless jam featuring the MicroFreak synth.
I programmed and used the Zoia for a lot of different things:
– As a multitrack Looper, to live loop some Microfreak synth lines
– As a synth, for the main arpeggio
– As a drum machine, with sequencers and drum parameters to tweak live
– As a multi effect processor
– As an audio and midi interface
– As a multi-channel mixer
All that and more in just one patch! Let me know if you interested in getting this Zoia patch, i may share it eventually.
I highly suggest you to check out the Zoia on Empress Effects website if you didn’t, you’ll be surprised!

Also, I received the Core Steel smart watch from Soundbrenner and I decided to put it in use for this jam.
The Soundbrenner Core Steel sports a lot of cool features, specially designed for musicians, such as a Smart Vibrating Metronome, a Contact Tuner and a Decibel Meter. And it also works as a smartwatch, getting notifications from your phone (when paired).
I must say I found it pretty useful to have an haptic feedback metronome at my wrist while jamming, it helps a lot when live looping and also in other contexts when I need to keep tight tempo in my jams and can loose the audio metronome due to high music dynamics. It also plays a different vibration on the downbeats, so I never need to count four anymore.
I’m pretty impressed by this wearable and I just wanted to share with you my impressions.
Soundbrenner kindly set a special 20% discount for my followers, so if you’d like to get one of the three Soundbrenner models you can use the BELIBAT20 discount code at checkout. I think there’s also a summer promo on their website, so it could be the right time to get it at a super price:

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