Korg ARP 2600M // 26 patch ideas // Review tutorial & pros/cons (tips also work on Behringer 2600)

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Leftfield Techno Jam w/ Roland TR-8S, Arturia Keystep Pro, Minilogue XD, Minibrute, Rocket, Ableton

High Bpm and glitchy live performance with hardware gear, analog synths and Ableton Live.

Hey guys, i moved back to my studio so i decided to create a live jam featuring all of my hardware gear.

In this jam i used the Roland TR-8S for Drums, with a pre-programmed pattern, using the onboard knobs to create variations. I also used the Step Loop and Random Pattern features to create drum fills and transitions.
I applied a low pass filter to the Drum bus in Ableton Live, mapped it to one knob on the Korg Nanokontrol 2 and used it to bring drums in and out.

All of the synths were sequenced from the Keystep Pro.
The main bassline was played by the Minilogue XD and i used its filter cutoff to make the bassline move and to manage tension during the performance.
Two lead synths were played by the Arturia Minibrute and the Waldorf Rocket.

I used one of the Keystep Pro tracks to play an Ableton Live Drum Rack containing some glitch and vocal samples.

Ableton Live was used as the main brain, to sync everything, to route midi from the KSP to the synths, to record audio and to apply effects.
Effects used are mainly Ableton stock, plus some Soundtoys and Native Instruments plugins.

Video is a continuous take from two cameras.

I hope you enjoyed

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