Minilogue XD Experimental Preset Pack by Belibat – 31 patches

I tried to push the Minilogue XD features and motion sequencing capabilities to the extreme with these 31 presets.

You’ll find patches useful for various genres, from Ambient to Techno, from Cinematic textures to CyberPunk sequences.

I decided to use the sequencer to automate various parameters but in most cases I didn’t record any note, so you can use the Motion Sequencer to bring in crazy modulations while playing the chords or notes of your choice.
When ready, you can hit record to add your notes to the sequencer while keeping all the automations I prepared.

I also used all of the Minilogue XD synthesis options, such as oscillators cross-modulation, oscillator Sync, Ring modulation, shape modulation and a lot more to create weird and aggressive effects and sounds.

A Big Thank You goes to all my Patrons: Ezia, Nico, Voltage Waves, Tim Charlemagne, Ledoux Henri, Wes Darling, Rob Schoen, Brian Lamb, Jens Martin Arvesen, Mario Godbout, Bill Hunt, AOX, Tzahi Shahak, Honey T.

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I decided to offer this Pack for just 1€ and you can get it on my Bandcamp page here:

Once downloaded the Bandcamp Album, you’ll find a folder containing a zip file. Just unzip that file to find the 31 experimental presets, ready to be imported in your Minilogue XD using the Sound Librarian.

You’ll find my FREE packs 1 and 2 on my Bandcamp as well.

I sincerely hope you’ll enjoy this pack and you’ll create awesome music with it!


Christopher Kah – Session XLI – Roland TR-6S #2

What is better than one video with TR-6S? two ! 🙂

Straight to the point ! this is what I like in a machine ! part. II
« Do the Max. with the Min.» #LIMITEDRESOURCE

➤ Roland TR-6S :


SP-404sx Only House Music // Compact Creations 020

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The sp404 can be a bit intimidating, especially to me since its such a blank canvas at times and you need to really work it to get your sample chops, and sounds sounding good. But after messing around with the sp404 effects, and the sp404 compressor. There’s no denying that it has its own texture and sound. Especially for making lofi house or lofi hip-hop.. its…