POLYEND PLAY Review // How it raises the groovebox bar // Top pros, cons, 16 factory songs, tutorial

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Live Improv Set for Synthfest Jamuarium – TR-8S, KeyStep Pro, MicroFreak, Minitaur, Minilogue XD

Totally improvised set, featuring all of my hardware gear. Every sequence and pattern created on the fly.
I’ll start with something soft and then i’ll gradually increase bpm.
Hope you’ll enjoy! 😉

For this Live Improv Set I used all of my hardware gear.
The TR-8S is the main clock, sending sync signal to Ableton Live, which then route it to the KeyStep Pro, used to sequence all of the four synths with its four tracks.
Midi is routed through Ableton Live and Usb cables to all of the synths.
Also, the TR-8S is used to play Drums and some fx hits (mainly 808 and 909 kits).
The Minitaur is for all of the Basses, obviously 🙂
The Minilogue XD plays Pads and some poly fx synth sounds, with its filter cutoff controlled by an expression pedal, for buildups.
The MicroFreak is used for Leads, Robotic Voices and Noise fxs.
The Waldorf Rocket for Leads and Arps, with its filter cutoff controlled by a second expression pedal.
The Zoia pedal is used to process the MicroFreak and the Minitaur on separate left/right channels (adding distortion, delay and reverb + a gradual resynthesis patch I created for the MicroFreak).
The Echosystem is used to apply delay and reverb to the Rocket.

This live set goes from low bpm, groovy stuff, to faster technoish moods towards the end. Passing through some experimental parts and some Synthwave too.
Hope you’ll enjoy, if you have some questions feel free to ask! 😉

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Roland TR-8S Techno Sound Design Tutorial

4 Techniques to spice up your Techno tracks and performances on the Roland TR-8S.

In this tutorial we’ll see how to create the classic Techno Kick Rumble, a driving Techno Lead sound, the most sought-after Acid Sequences and some crazy Modular-Style sounds using a super fast LFO. All that using only onboard effects and features.
These tricks and sounds are very useful in Techno but you can try using the same techniques for other genres.

You can find the Raw & Analog techno Sound Pack, mentioned in this video, here: https://belibat.bandcamp.com/album/raw-analog-techno-sound-pack

It features a lot of analog Techno samples and loops, an Ableton Live project containing samples and midi arrangement + racks, a specific Roland TR-8S Techno Kit + Pattern.

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