Review: Eventide Misha // an entirely original improvisation and generative sequencing module

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Christopher Kah – Absense

The first extract from “Intuitive Music” album is “Absense” a moody atmospheric track making the link between classical and electronic music. Buy/ Pre Save “Intuitive Music”:

Christopher Kah Constructs Cinematic “Intuitive Music” Experience

The enigmatic Christopher Kah has furthered his eclectic catalogue with more unique and inspiring output on its way this January. The “Intuitive Music” album is a showcase of Kah’s ability to weave together the worlds of sound and cinema, pure emotion at every twist and turn, playing out animations right before your eyes as each short journey presents its own tale.The talented composer is grabbing his artistic freedom with both hands inviting his peers to join him.

When you begin to unravel the “Intuitive Music” experience, you are not simply listening, but every sense in your body is tantalised and enlightened by the intelligent vibrations which urge your thought processes to steer in original directions,outside of the box and anything you have wondered before.

Combining all of the above Christopher looks to open up another series of workshops next year, Masterclass sessions with blossoming people who want to develop, and open up new doors for them. A fantastic opportunity for hardworking producers to explore new terrain and ideas.

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Videoclip written & directed by Christopher Kah
Music by Christopher Kah
Footage by
Special thanks to Adami

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The Dust Collector.. is Dusty.. // Good or bad you decide.

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Pre-Ordered this ages ago and completely forgot about it until it showed up! The Dust Collector is an All Analog Fx Box, Multi-effects unit, whatever you want to call it. It has an Analog Spring reverb, phaser, delay, you get the idea. Long story short, i love it and it bugs me all at the same time. It’s not necessarily a Dust Collector review, but its the closest i…

Matriarch | Dynamic Panning

This video explores a signal flow technique found in ‘PATCH & TWEAK with Moog’ that adds the ability to auto-pan Matriarch’s signal, allowing for unique stereo image modulation.

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‘PATCH & TWEAK with Moog’ by author, designer, and electronic musician Kim Bjørn is the ultimate resource for Moog synthesizer enthusiasts and musicians of all skill levels interested in an immersive modular synthesis experience. Opening with a foreword from acclaimed film score composer and sound designer Hans Zimmer, this hardcover book features 200 pages full of synthesizer techniques, creative patch ideas, sound design tips, professional artist interviews, in-depth discussions with Moog engineers, stories behind vintage Moog instruments, a glimpse into our organization’s history and Dr. Bob Moog’s legacy, and more.

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