Review: MOOG’s MAVIS goes west! // 18 modular and wavefolding patch ideas explored // Full tutorial

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KORG SQ-64 Review and full tutorial

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Exosolar Continuum 6 Tracks EP mashup for your enjoyment ;)

Get a preview of all the 6 tracks from my new EP Exosolar Continuum, mixed with descriptions and infos.

Exosolar Continuum is now available on Bandcamp, featuring the best sounding audio files, for your listening pleasure or to add them in your dj and live sets, and the Roland TR-8S Kits and Patterns used for the tracks Nebula, Neutron Star and Black Hole as free Bonus!
Get the whole package now, here:

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Exosolar Continuum EP

Let’s talk about the Music in this EP.
As you probably noticed, all tracks in this EP come from live performances, so they are basically live recordings from my hardware gear.

The Title track, Exosolar Continuum, is a remixed and remastered version of my Melodic Techno on a hacked Push 2 Jam, which got a lot of hype here on Youtube.
When designing this jam, i just wanted to go for some spacey electronic vibes, with dramatic pads, earth shaking sub basses, seductive offbeat chords and a driving rhythm. The lead part was performed on a saturated bell sound, to add an eerie feel to the whole track.

The same track got two excellent Remixes.
The Creating Space Remix is a dance floor ready interpretation, where he just disrupted the original relationship between bass, chords, pads, and leads, then recreating it, adding more seductive intricacies. All supported by a solid beat, made for dancing.
This Remix would play very well in any electronic dance music mix and i love it!

Nickon Faith, on the other side, worked hard to enrich the original track material. Writing new lines, augmenting the harmonic content, adding new shades of drama and color at same time. He basically created a new, impressive, track. Going for spacey and trancey vibes.
I’m totally impressed by this work and i can definitely see people shaking hands in the air while listening and dancing to this, in huge festivals.

Nebula is a Roland TR-8S jam, featuring an Echosystem Delay pedal to create buildups during the performance.
This track features hard techno sounds, pounding kicks, sizzling hats and cymbals, mind bending leads and some huge, dramatic impacts.
All of these sounds, and more, can be downloaded in my Raw and Analog Techno Pack, available on Bandcamp:

Neutron Star is a very high bpm IDM performance, where i just tried to recreate all of the typical IDM unpredictability and randomness, live, by hands.
There’s a chord pad, defining the harmonic structure but the real protagonist is the rhythm.
A fast paced broken beat, full of variations and fills, with completely random and glitchy parts.

Black Hole is my most viewed Jam, a shiny dark techno track. Featuring pulsating basses, acid lines, threatening pitch-bending leads, groovy and noisy percussion sequences and a heavy drum beat to wrap it all up.

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SUPER Effective Sample Chopping on Anything // MPC Live ii Speed Chopping and Idea Creating

Thanks again TrackLib, use this link to try it out! –
This is a quick and easy way for me to hear if a sample will work in a song or not. Not only that, using Regions to chop samples, especially those with drums and other elements, make for amazing foundations when making music! I’ve done this a ton on my past EPs ( but i still do it a bunch today with breaks,…