Soma Labs COSMOS Review // 8 performance tips and ideas // Full tutorial

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DON’T buy the ERM Multiclock, I thought I found an alternative… // Ableton Live Latency Tips

I struggle with recomending the ERM Multi Clock to most people because its super overkill for most hybrid studio setups. I wanted to find a cheaper option, and i came across the Hosa USM-422, I really wanted this USB to Midi adapter to work, but you’ll end up seeing what trouble i ended up having..

THIS USB to midi adapter works –
USM-422 –
MultiClock –
Model:Cycles –

Chopping & Resampling A Whole Track .. // Also, Can Circuit Rhythm Alias?

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Yea i know i said WHOLE TRACK, and i just did a portion.. i ain’t here to bore you to death haha. But you get the idea, play with something like this and resampling different portions of your track and see where that can take the arrangement!
Again, (broken record) I work at Novation and am using Circuit Rhythm to resample because i know it the best as of now….