Your dream synth/effect without a line of code – Hector and Beebo // Review and Tutorial

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Do i Regret buying the Modal Skulpt? // Sound Design and Workflow with the Skulpt

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The Modal Skulpt is a weird, but awesome tiny synthesizer. I originally bought it as an “inspirational synth” but quickly found it back in the box.. So today i wanted to share my thoughts on why that happened, as well as do some sound design on the modal skulpt and see how it can sound!

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Arturia KeyStep Pro 2.0 Firmware Update – New Features Overview

Everything you need to know in this video 😉
A demonstration of the wonderful new KeyStep Pro features, introduced with the 2.0 firmware update.
Arturia implemented some of the most requested features in this update, such as Arp recording and Group transpose.
I’m sure you will enjoy them as much as I do!

Here is a list of all the new features and improvements:

Group Transpose
– Hold Trans + Press Tracks buttons to group/ungroup tracks

Global Offset
– Hold Shift + Turn any of the encoders to modify the value for the whole pattern Steps

– Arpeggios can now be recorded in the sequences
– Arpeggios can now be played when the sequencer is stopped
– Arp velocity is now a bipolar offset
– Swing can now be applied to the arpeggiator
– Randomness range has been improved

 MIDI Thru
– Port 2 can now be set to MIDI Thru mode from Utility

Chord mode
– Chord mode can now be recorded in the sequences
– Possibility to release both Shift + Tie/Rest and keep editing chord until all keys are released

Step Listen
– In Step edit, step content can now be previewed by pressing the step (Utility – Misc – Step Listen to activate it)

Mono Mode
– Mono Mode has been refactored for a smoother experience

Real Time recording
– Notes overlap has been improved when overdub is off. Existing notes are not heard when being overwritten

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 Step Edit
– Creating Ties/Rests now moves the cursor on each tap
– Copy/Paste notes has been reworked for a smoother experience

Shift functions
– Steps are now dim lit when holding Shift to see the effect of Nudge, Invert and Rand Order on Steps
– Nudge, Invert and Rand Order functions now apply to Control Track

– Tap tempo estimation improvement
– Metronome time signature is now the reference for bar size and launch quantize

Recall save state
– Projects saved state can now be recalled by holding Project + Shift + the Encoder button

Looper Touch Strip
– It is now possible to disable the Looper touch strip (Shift + Touch strip)

Quick Edit (Hold step + turn knobs)
– Quick edit workflow has been improved (You can now release the step while keys are still being held)