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    How to Make Deep Techno like Hypnus Record and Affin Record (Sound Design & Composition)

    Learn the rope of how to create a Deep Techno track in the style of Edit Select, Luigi Tozzi, Polar Inertia, Abdulla Rashim, Joachim Spieth, Psyk and label such as Hypnus Records, Non Series, Affin !

    Discover or re-discover how powerful the Ableton stock plugin are! In this template we only have used Ableton Live Stock Plugins, from the creation of the song, to the mixing stage, and finally the mastering!

    Grab the template here :…

    How to Make Techno Synth like Hadone and Tim Tama (Ableton Techno Tutorial)

    In this video, I will show you how to make Techno Synth like Hadone and Tim Tama.

    I’ve created an ableton rack to recreate this kind of vintage sound, similar sounding to what you could get with a Juno 106 synthesizer.

    Samples used in the video (except the 909 tom) :

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    Friday Live Techno 06 : Belibat – Berlin Techno (First of Two Parts) [Ableton Push 2, TR-8S…)

    In this two-part Techno performance i’d like to take you on a journey, from Berlin to Detroit.
    In this First Part video you’ll hear some live Berlin style Techno, imagining this set was played in an Open Air party, or in some underground club (as you can hear towards the end).

    You’ll find the Second Part video, featuring a Detroit style live performance on my youtube channel, here:

    Now some info about how i created this whole performance.
    First of all, everything was played,…

    Area51 – Space Ambient in Bitwig

    New space vibe video. music made in #bitwig and footage recorded in #starcitizen. You can also rewatch my stream where i created the track!

    Friday Live Techno 09 : Marc Faenger (Analog Rytm,Cirklon Sequencer,Modular,Access Virus TI2, DFAM)

    Marc Faenger is a german techno DJ & artist who releases his music on labels such as M_NUS / The Third Room / Trapez / Octopus and more.

    He is also running his own label SHED SKIN recordings.

    Here`s what he has to say about this session:‚

    This track was recorded in my studio (which is constantly evolving) and consists mostly of live-tweaking sequences, building tension and releasing it again. The exception here is the flowing dystopian horn sound (drenched in a dirty binson delay), which is a roughly 6-minute-take…

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