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What is The Benefit of The Direct Mode Summing Function | Club Cubase Live Stream February 12 2021

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How to Make Industrial Techno Trancy Lead (Ableton Techno Tutorial)

In this video I will show how to make this famous Trancy Lead Sound use nowadays in industrial techno. I will show you how to make from scratch the sound and how you can easily create your own version.

The rack also come in 3 different versions : Sawtooth and Square that use Ableton Analog device for classic old school trancy lead, and one using Ableton Wavetable for more modern type of trancy sound.

Samples used :

-Peaktime techno :…

How to Make Industrial Techno Scream Synth (Free Preset) [Ableton Techno Tutorial]

In this video, I will show you how to make agressive techno synth (scream synth), this will perfectly fit for industrial techno or dark techno.

Drums used in the video :

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