Unknown Artist – Underground

Unknown Artist – Underground
Fokuz Recordings [Liquid Drum And Bass]

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Hospital Podcast 455 with Grafix

For episode 455 of the Hospital Podcast, we’ve got the one and only Grafix in the mix! Get locked for a heated selection of fresh music and legendary D&B cuts!

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Banzai – Multiply

Dropping on 28/1/22 on Gradient Records Join the JumpUp Cave Patreon Family https://www.jumpupcave.online Subscribe …

Proud Eagle Radio Show @ 10 YEARS ONLINE (Interview with Nelver)

Interview in honor of the 10th anniversary of the “Proud Eagle Radio Show”, created and hosted by the Russian producer Nelver.

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Looking into the past, I can say with confidence that back in 2012 I could not have imagined that I could bring to life the idea of ​​​​creating a free online radio show project without anyone’s help, which over time will become popular for tens of thousands of listeners around the world . Why, remember only one nomination in the “BEST PODCAST” nomination in the second round (semi-final) of voting within the framework of the international music award “DRUM & BASS ARENA AWARDS 2020”. I think this has already been said a long time ago – people support me! Without exaggeration, “Proud Eagle Radio Show” is my pride, a project that has become an important part of my life, having managed to win the hearts of a large number of listeners in Russia and far beyond its borders.

For 10 years, within the framework of the project, more than 12.000 tracks were compiled on a harmonic basis and played, given that in the first few years since the creation of the “Proud Eagle Radio Show”, the project worked in a live format and the broadcasts were 2 and sometimes 3 hours . On average, there are between 1.300 and 1.500 tracks on a radio show each year. My head is spinning with numbers like this.

To be honest, recording new episodes of a radio show on a weekly basis is a very difficult job that requires perseverance, maximum concentration, creative thinking and a lot of knowledge in the field of DJing. Sometimes I am amazed at myself, where does so much willpower and energy come from, because this is not my only project that has been working on an ongoing basis for many years (there are other podcasts under my authorship), and also do not forget that I write a lot music, which also requires a lot of time and effort. It compensates for all your attitude to what I do for you. Sometimes even a simple “thank you” from a listener of the “Proud Eagle Radio Show” is enough to give me the energy to keep going or just make me smile on the sly. The most important thing is the understanding that everything is not in vain, the confidence that you need it and are interested.

I’m thanks everyone who motivates me every day to return again and again to the recording of new episodes of “Proud Eagle Radio Show”. Thank you very much, friends. Further more! 🚀✨

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