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Franca DJ set – Rave to Save Reineke Fuchs | elrowSHOW x @Desperados x @Beatport Live

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Turn your dance moves into donations! With every 1000 steps Desperados will donate €1 to clubs in Germany!

Let’s RAVE for a good cause with Franca!

In the spirit of helping all those venues that are having a tough time, Desperados came up with this brilliant idea: What if we turn dance steps into direct donations to them?

Then someone said “Hold my beer” and created an app which does exactly that. You dance with it, and Desperados will donate 1€ for each 1000 steps that you do. How cool is that?

You can already download it here:
App IOS:
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And who’s gonna be in charge of making you dance? David Hasert and Franca! Because we also must support our local artists!

Vamos a BAILAR por una buena causa!
Con el espíritu de echar una mano a todos esos locales que lo están pasando mal en estos tiempos, a Desperados se les ocurrió una gran idea: ¿Y si convertimos cada paso que bailemos en donaciones directas para ellos?

Alguen dijo “sujétame la birra!” y creó una App que hace exactamente eso. Tu bailas, y por cada 1000 pasos que des, Desperados donará 1€. Buen plan, ¿verdad?

Ya podéis descargar la App aquí!
App IOS:
App Android:
Por el momento id calentando, porque el día 4 de Abril os necesitamos para darlo todo y marcar la diferencia desde casa a través de Twitch y FB Live!
Y quién os va a hacer bailar? David Hasert y Franca! Porque también debemos ayudar a los artistas locales!
Powered by Desperados
In Collaboration with Beatport

How does it work?
Desperados’ new Rave To Save app helps raise money for Europe’s nightclubs through the power of dancing. For every 1,000 steps taken by partygoers on the Rave to Save app, €1 will be donated to support the clubs. The Rave to Save app, available on the App Store and Google Play, uses smartphone technology to track partygoers’ moves as they dance to epic beats on their home dancefloor.

Download the App & Rave to Save Reineke Fuchs! 👉

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About Rave to Save:
With thousands of nightclubs currently closed across the world, Desperados is calling on partygoers around the world to unite in support of the clubs they love with the launch of their Rave to Save app. People are invited to join a series of eight virtual parties that go beyond the obvious, where their dance moves at home will be turned into cash for clubs across Europe.

The virtual shows are the latest wild experiment in a series of innovative experiences and activations taking place in 2021 as part of Desperados’ new creative platform, Go Desperados.

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Plutonita | Barrancos de Gebas (Spain)

Session filmed for the program broadcast on Wednesdays with the most audience, Gorrion Ilamando a Tierra, in Whoradiomusic at the national level. An eclectic …

Dixon x Transmoderna | Fondation Beyeler and Nordstern Basel | @Beatport Live

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A virtual stream in cooperation with Beatport and Denon DJ

On April 7, 2021, at 8:00 p.m. CEST Fondation Beyeler will open its exhibition halls in the virtual realm, hosting a unique DJ-stream by one of the most renowned electronic music artists Dixon and the creative team of Transmoderna. The stream is broadcasted online in partnership with the music platform Beatport and Nordstern Basel. Throughout the one-hour-long performance, the iconic building of the museum transforms into a hyper-realistic total work of art.

[04:30] Oneohtrix Point Never – The Weather Channel [WARP]
[06:30] Roman Flügel – Chemicals (unreleased)
[10:00] Wolfgang Tillmans – Can’t Escape into Space (Dixon Edit) [FRAGILE]
[14:00] Interchain – Intermix (John Talabot Intermix) [HIVERN DISCS]
[16:30] Aleksandir – Overgrown [OMENA]
[20:00] Yanik Park – Ohayashi [POLIFONIC]
[25:00] Object Blue & TSVI – Thought Experiment [NERVOUS HORIZON]
[30:15] Echonomist – Purple Skyline (unreleased)
[36:30] Âme & KARYYN – The Witness (unreleased)
[41:30] Tzusing – Balkanize [PAN]
[45:00] ZK Bucket – Samba De Neukölln (unreleased)
[49:00] Roman Flügel – Anima [RUNNING BACK]
[52:00] ID – ID
[55:30] Wolfgang Tillmans – Can’t Escape into Space (Reprise) [FRAGILE]
Soundtrack uses excerpts from Jimi Jules & Dixon – 0x520x650x610x64 (unreleased)

Together with the Fondation Beyeler and Nordstern Basel, Beatport will host its first ever virtual DJ-stream – from a fully digitized exhibition space of the renowned Swiss Art Museum. Electronic music artist Dixon will be performing his set in the shape of a hyper- realistic avatar. For the production of this extraordinary art.set, a versatile 3D-environment was melded, which features artworks from the Fondation Beyeler collection by Paul Klee, Auguste Rodin and Wolfgang Tillmans. It was realized by the creative team of Transmoderna, including the neural artist Sofia Crespo, the multimedia artist Sabrina Ratté, the generative artist Feileacan McCormick and thedigital artist Aaron Jablonski.

Throughout the stream, the artworks and the building’s architecture will be interpolated with artificial intelligence-based visual and particle effects in sync with the music. The result will take the audience beyond anything they have ever seen in a museum.

Kicking off in the garden and spacious exhibition halls of Fondation Beyeler, the stream takes the viewer on a groundbreaking immersive experience tingling all senses. Using state-of-the-art technology, Transmoderna’s creative team converted the museum’s famous architecture into a hyper-real 3D model. Dixon also appears as a hyper-realistic avatar, making it nearly impossible for the audience to differentiate between reality and the virtual.

Playing in a DJ booth seamlessly sculpted into the museum’s space, the music mixed by the digital character gradually initiates the premises’ redesign. Based on the original floor plan of the Fondation Beyeler, the newly created 3D environment goes through a remarkable audio-reactive transformation. Soon the walls’ structure responds to the beats and bass of Dixon’s set.

This way, Transmoderna’s creative team enables the audience to see how machines of the 21st century imagine the art of the 20th century. Throughout Dixon’s one-hour-long performance, all elements unfold surprisingly through the symbiosis between electronic music and creative coding. The idea of how a digital museum tour might look like is exceeded by the immersive experience of a virtual club night. Eventually, the audience themselves will have undergone a transformation: from a museum visitor to a wanderer through the virtual realm of the arts.

► Dixon

► Transmoderna Visual Arts

Credits: Dixon (DJ/Executive producer), Ana Ofak (Transmoderna/creative direction,
curator), Timur Novikov (Transmoderna/visual direction, curator), Aaron Jablonski
(Transmoderna/techninal direction), Sofia Crespo (Transmoderna/neural artist), Sabrina Ratté
(Transmoderna/multimedia artist), Feileacan McCormick (Transmoderna/generative artist),
Alan Ixba (Transmoderna/technical assistance), Carlos Minozzi
(Transmoderna/videography), Tim Deussen Studio (3D-modeling/Unity support), Mimic Productions (Digital character production/Motion capture), Rania Kim (production), Sandira Blas (PR), Franka Marlene Foth (Choreography), Rauke Lea Hollender (Transmoderna/social media).

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