Moog Model 15 iOS App | GarageBand Connectivity with macOS Big Sur

The Moog Model 15 iOS App is now available for macOS users!

This free update to the Moog Model 15 Modular Synthesizer App, available for Mac users running Big Sur, makes it possible to recreate the sounds and workflow of the classic hardware Model 15 modular synthesizer using a macOS device through Audio Unit v3.

With this update, the Model 15 App can now be used as a standalone synthesizer, as an Audio Unit v3 and v2 plugin, as a VST3 plugin, or as an effect in your existing audio chain.

In this video, Moog Product Specialist Max Ravitz demonstrates how to use Model 15 on a desktop computer running macOS Big Sur.

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1 of ONLY 3.. Monomachine MK2 Keyboard // But is it worth the price?

Never in my wildest dreams did i think a rare synth that i never even knew existed would show up and be mine for a week to jam with, Wow! There are a few other things that are escaping me but this is a Monomachine MK2 Keyboard with a +Drive! This Monomachine was never actually put into production and only 3 exist. Jean-Michel Jarre got one for his 60th.. that lucky son of a good musician..

Check their insane prices –
Monomachine by John Lozo -…

Christopher Kah Interview – Meet & Greet – ! SUB ENG included

Exclusive interview with the French Show “MEET & GREET”

Tres content de cette interview avec Meet & Greet!
On a parlé ce mon album, de la musique electronique en danger? des festivals, du son Spatialisé, des bookers, managers, mais surtout des possibilités pour notre futur !
Very happy with this interview with Meet & Greet!
Of course we’ve talk about my album, electronic music in danger? festivals, Spatialized sound, bookers, managers, but above all possibilities for our future !

➤ Subtitles in ENGLISH

EP-3 Expression Pedal | Pulse Width Control

This video explores using the EP-3 expression pedal to add additional pulse width control to the oscillator section of the Matriarch.

One of the advantages offered by semi-modularity is the ability to add further controls to your instrument via CV inputs and offset voltages. You may have noticed that Matriarch’s oscillators lack a dedicated pulse-width knob, but do feature a pulse-width voltage input; this creates an opportunity to add a pulse-width knob via creative patching. Using a combination of Matriarch’s expression pedal input, mults, and a reversible attenuator, we can control the pulse-width of all four oscillators simultaneously using EP-3. Another approach could be to use the expression pedal input and each of the three reversible attenuators separately to gain independent manual control over each oscillator’s pulse-width. The beauty of semi-modularity is the ability to cater your instrument’s functionality to meet the needs of your performance or recording.

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Chopping & Resampling A Whole Track .. // Also, Can Circuit Rhythm Alias?

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Yea i know i said WHOLE TRACK, and i just did a portion.. i ain’t here to bore you to death haha. But you get the idea, play with something like this and resampling different portions of your track and see where that can take the arrangement!
Again, (broken record) I work at Novation and am using Circuit Rhythm to resample because i know it the best as of now….

monome norns review // community soul in a music computer // 10 scripts explored

IMPORTANT – A recap of the versions of norns:

(1) The $800 fully built stock norns by monome, plug and play, aluminum enclosure, white screen, more audio IO, no ethernet – not currently in stock as of the writing of this comment

(2) The updated norns shield reworked to solve noise issues on the input – sold for…

EP-3 Expression Pedal | Delay Time Trick

This video explores using the EP-3 expression pedal to create interesting modulation of Matriarch’s analog delay.

Delay is the foundation for many types of processing in recording. It can be used to achieve chorusing, flanging, doubling, looping, as well as traditional delay effects. Matriarch’s stereo analog delay is unique in its semi-modular nature, allowing for CV control over every parameter. Using Matriarch’s expression pedal input, mults, and reversible attenuators, we can achieve unique modulations by utilizing EP-3 to control several delay parameters simultaneously, allowing for lush stereo spatial effects. This approach can add depth to the sound of your patches, and also enable you to change your delay settings with a foot, allowing you to focus on your keyboard playing with your hands.

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